Context Matters: Improving the Performance and Wellbeing of Your Marketing Teams

Do you want to improve the performance and well-being of your marketing team? In this session, you will learn about what makes teams high performing, and the role of context in building and nurturing a high-performing one. Understanding the impact of context on teams will help marketing team members and leaders understand what opportunities are available for improving their team’s performance and/or how to begin planning the mission, composition, tools and working conditions of a new team to set them up for success.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Compare the different contexts that teams operate in, and how these affect team performance, based on the first-hand experiences of the presenter (external macro-shifts, business model dynamics, organizational structure shifts, domains of work, and the knowns/unknowns of problems that teams need to solve)
  • Understand the theory behind what defines high-performing teams (purpose, roles, safety, diversity and inclusion, goals and measuring success etc)
  • Identify and leverage constant elements that teams require to be effective, irrespective of context (elements for alignment, coordination, and structure)
  • Understand how context affects teams’ reliance on the above elements, and how to apply them to help your team gain agency to intentionally shape the way that they operate that increases engagement and goal achievement

This session was designed for leaders of teams who seek new insight for how to lead their teams through change and sustain their engagement.