Core Connection: How to Turn Your Contacts into Customers

You know you’re the right answer for the right person, but they don’t…yet. You also know if you can get your prospective customer to act on the decision that’s right for them, you not only help your company but also improve your customer’s life. The challenge is how. And it all comes down to one of the most powerful drivers of action – our aspirations. Join 12-year marketing and branding expert and Dean Graziosi/Tony Robbins speaker Veronica Romney as she inspires you to go beyond contacting your customers and focus on truly connecting with them, instead.

After Veronica’s session, you’ll be able to:

  • Clarify your brand’s core position
  • Find where and how your company’s core connects with your customers’ core
  • Use those connections to align the actions and thoughts of your organization to your customer’s ambitions [at the personal, team, and organizational level]