Move Fast and Make Things: How Your Creative Team Can Iterate and Innovate with Data

Creativity and data aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum, no matter what right-brained and left-brained folks say. In fact, the best creative work starts in a somewhat surprising place: in the numbers. With a solid, data-driven strategy, your creative team or agency can move faster, iterate more and generate more impactful — and yes, more creative — work, without relying on big, lofty and subjective campaigns.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Structure your creative team to generate more work — and more work that performs
  • Create a testing plan to gather more intelligent learnings about what ads resonate most with your customers
  • Empower your creative team or agency to think about data as an essential component in the ad development process
  • Show how effective your ads are — and ultimately, how imperative your creative team or agency as to your business’ success