Why UX Researchers Belong in Decision-Making Meetings

Making product decisions is not a straightforward task. Trying to balance how much to invest into a market or feature, how to grow revenue, distribute the resources you have on hand, or other looming criteria can take up all the time in the discussion. However, one person who can ensure that you don’t lose sight of your users at this critical time is a UX researcher. Not only do they advocate for your user’s needs, they also help you find the fine balance needed to ship an MVP (minimum viable product) that doubles as a MLP (minimum lovable product).

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use user-centered research data to set a compelling product direction
  • Make calls on what’s in and what’s out based on a framework that includes user needs
  • As a non-researcher, speak to the value of using user-centered research within your team
  • As a researcher, advocate for being added to key meetings and increasing the influence of your work